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Had a little noise that was bothering me. Last minute, these guys checked it out and made sure I was safe. Nothing major was found but I already trust these guys with my car.

~ Zach H. (Google+)

The staff was very kind and accommodating while I got an oil change. I was able to see the mechanic through the shop window and he performed a fairly thorough inspection of my car's underbody and wheels. The office and shop were clean and well maintained.

~ Daniel Lovik

I was very impressed by this auto shop. They were very pleasant and got the job done in a timely manner. David was very great to deal with. I will definitely be taking my vehicle back to them.

~ Angelina E. (Yelp)

I just brought my car in last week and was extremely satisfied with my experience here. Dave was very personable and honest about my car's needs. He saved me a ton of money after he said that what the Honda dealership on Camelback Road told me my car needed, was not actually needed at all.

~ Rebecca C.

I've used IMM for tests on potential car purchases and checking up on current vehicles. They've always been beyond fair, even advising me not to buy a Saab I was eyeing when they're one of the few in the valley that would service it later down the road. Morning shuttle service is handy too.

~ Ashley Clark

"Service is quick, prices are competitive, and the morning shuttle service is very handy. (Thanks, Ron.) I trust the two Davids to let me know what needs to be done today and what can wait, and I've never had to go back dissatisfied with a repair. I've used a lot of shops, and IMM may be the best."

~ Erik Ketcherside

The IMM Auto guys are wonderful - very straightforward, open, and trustworthy. IMM is basically exactly what you want from a car mechanic, they'll let you know your options, don't overcharge or oversell - they let their standards of service and word of mouth referrals do the selling. Highly recommended!

~ Andi Burnham

These guys are great! I've had a water pump, some wiring issues, and a new condenser for my a-c done at IMM and would highly recommend them. Every time they have come in less than the estimate. Prompt, professional, and honest!

~ Scott Musgrave