Complete Auto Repair in Tempe, AZ

At IMM Auto Service in Tempe, we offer a full range of auto repair and maintenance services for Valley drivers. Our customers trust us to work on all types of vehicles, and we’re one of the top shops in the area for SAAB, Volvo, and Lexus. Here’s more about some of our services, but if you don’t see what you need, please give us a call because we can handle almost anything!

Auto Repair & services at in IMM Auto Service

Engine Repair

Rest assured that should you have an unusual noise, or find that your car is not running correctly, we have the expertise to properly diagnose and fix your car, even if we need to remove the engine and rebuild it.

Cylinder Head Repair

The cylinder head portion of an engine is the upper section of the engine assembly. On a modern engine, the cylinder head contains the valves, cams, spark plugs, intake and exhaust ports, ignition coils, injectors, and a whole host of other parts that are attached to it. This cylinder head is sealed to the engine block with a gasket, known as the head gasket.

Window Operation

Are your car’s windows not operating as they should? Sometimes switches go bad and won’t operate the motor. Sometimes rollers in the window regulator break and need replaced, and sometimes the window regulator needs replaced.

Electrical Repair

If you are having trouble starting your car due to a battery that continues to go dead, problems with your lighting, or any other part of your car’s electrical system, we can help. IMM Auto Service has performed electrical repairs on all different makes and models of cars since 1972.

Wheel Alignment

What is a wheel alignment, and why should you care? Well, in short, if your wheels are not pointed the correct way, your tires will wear rapidly and your car will not handle the way it should. This can be unsafe, and at the least, it will cost you money trying to keep up with tire replacement.

Emissions Repair

When your car illuminates a light that looks like an engine, such as the picture, or you get a “Service Engine Soon” message, that means there is an emissions problem with your car. Rely on our more than 40 years of continuous experience in emissions repair to get your car diagnosed and fixed right.

Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension system in your car is comprised of a number different parts and different systems depending on when your car was designed and by which manufacturer. Whatever your steering or suspension problem, rest assured the technicians at IMM Auto Service have been certified in the repairs to these systems and will repair your car right the first time.


If your car is sounding a little loud, it may be exhaust gas escaping from your exhaust system. Exhaust gas is poisonous and it can get into your car as you drive depending on where it is coming from. IMM Auto Service can inspect your exhaust system and check it for leaks and/or noise.


Usually when someone is asking for a tune-up, they either have a running problem, or they feel the car may be due for service. No matter what the problem, rely on IMM Auto Service to make the proper recommendations and perform only the repairs necessary to bring your car to the proper running condition and to make this investment last as long as possible.

Cooling System Repair

Looking for cooling system repair in Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, or the Phoenix area? You can trust the ASE certified technicians at IMM Auto Service to properly inspect and repair the cooling system on your car.

Drivability Diagnostics

Sometimes your car just doesn’t run right, and there isn’t even a check engine light to give you any information as to where the problem might be. Sometimes the car won’t even start! This is when you need IMM Auto Service to perform a drivability diagnostics checkup on your car.

Brake Repair

You can rely on IMM Auto Service to properly inspect your brakes and recommend only the repairs or services necessary to keep your car stopping safely. Our technicians are ASE certified in brake repair, and we will only use the parts that work best for your vehicle and will keep all of us happy.

Trip Inspection

Before you go out of town, consider having your car checked over by IMM Auto Service. We want to make sure you have a trouble free, safe, trip to the destination of your choice, not to where you happen to break down.

Scheduled Maintenance

We are happy to track all your services in our computer, and advise you as to what is due and when to do it. All the services we perform are designed to maintain your vehicle per the factory standards and keep your warranty in force.

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Air Conditioning is pretty much a necessity here in the desert. If you are looking for air conditioning service or repair this summer, look no further than IMM Auto Service.

Timing Belt Service

A timing belt service is one of the most important services your car may need. This belt keeps the crankshaft and camshafts in synchronized motion. When it fails, or for that matter, any of the pulleys or tensioners that guide or provide the proper tension to the belt fail, serious engine damage can occur.

Computer Diagnostics

We specialize in hard to find running problems. If your car is not running up to your standards, or your check engine light or other warning lights are on, we can help you! Our ASE certified Master Technicians have special training and equipment to make sure your car is fixed properly.

Oil Change Maintenance Service

This is probably the most important service your car can get. This is the time where your car gets a 52 point inspection of all the major systems, in addition to having the engine oil and filter changed, along with a battery test. We also check your spare tire for condition and pressure to ensure that you have a good spare should you have the misfortune to get a flat tire.